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HoJo Motor Review

May 5th, 2011 No comments

A few people were able to get the HoJo Motor plans a few weeks ago before “Big Energy” made them shut down in only a couple days…me being one of them. Unfortunately though for everyone else that missed out on getting your plans…it actually does seem like you missed out! So I wanted to write a HoJo Motor review for everyone else…

Right after I got the plans I immediately noticed something different about these plans compared to other “free energy” or magnetic generator guides…the HoJo Motor plans were actually good! Instead of some cheesy little 50 page history lesson about magnetic generators with nothing really practical in it (aka Magniwork) or a history lesson about  “free energy” devices or Nikola Tesla (aka TeslaSecret)…the HoJo Motor guide was actually full of great content with detailed step by step instructions, tons of diagrams, and way more “real” content than anything else I’ve seen online.

Right after I opened the plans I immediately knew there was something different about these plans because of the mere size of the guide! It was 3 times longer than anything else I’ve read. And it was all easy to follow, step by step instructions. They don’t waste your time with fluff or anything else…it’s just to the point, easy to follow instructions!

Finally though! I’ve been waiting for plans like this forever…and they are literally the only “real” working plans I know of.

If you missed out I emailed the team of engineers at HoJo Motor a few days ago and they said they are working really hard to re-release them for a limited time so I’d keep checking back at to see if you can get plans yourself. Even if they do re-release them they won’t be up for long because they have to guard themselves from all the attack letters they receive from the greedy energy corporations.

But hey, if I was “Big Energy” I’d be worried too because they are seriously going to lose a lot of their customers when people start using the HoJo Motor and no longer need them for electricity.

If you’re at all interested in producing safe, clean, free energy for your electricity needs, I’d highly recommend you check out the Hojo Motor. I don’t know when or if they’re going to put their plans back out there but if you have the chance to get them make sure to jump on that opportunity!

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading my HoJo Motor review.

If you haven’t seen their site you can go to it here: Magnetic Generator Plans